We can help. Thailand Immigration can be a complex area of Thailand Law. Therefore, it is vital to utilize the services of a professional. We only use the services of a specialist SUVIT TOURS AND CONSULTANT CO., LTD. and administrative team.


What our network will do for you

A member of our specialist Immigration network will arrange a meeting with you in person at an office or telephone. Our company will assess your circumstances to ascertain your Immigration history and all other relevant information that will determine the best Immigration route possible for you.

Once all documents have been received, they will then begin to compile your application with supporting legal representations. Ensuring they make your case as professional as possible.

Once lodged, our company will closely monitor the progress of your application with the deliberating body. Our company will, keep you informed throughout all stages of the decision making process.


Thailand Immigration Consultation Service

Our consultation service is the first step towards a solution for your Thailand immigration matter, giving you the opportunity to meet face-to face with an immigration specialist.

Our immigration specialists can offer you professional advice and guidance regarding your immigration matter, giving honest and impartial answers regarding the likely outcome of your case. You’ll be given all the facts allowing you to make an informed decision on how to proceed with your matter.


Why you need a consultation

  • You will gain the personal support of an Immigration Specialist, which you would not get by dealing with your Immigration matter by yourself
  • Peace of mind, you will leave the consultation reassured that your case is in the hands of immigration professionals
  • Our consultation service provides you with useful and practical support and gives you an idea of the likely outcome of your application. This will save you time and money

    What you should bring

    You should bring all relevant material related to your immigration matter including: documentation, any previous Thailand Visa and Immigration applications etc…